logicaland v0.1

A participative global world simulation (2002)


in collaboration with re-p.org and Sepp Deinhofer

Exhibition view, lothringer13, Munich / DE, 2004
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As part of a project study for visualizing our world´s complex conomical, political and social systems ./logicaland v0.1 is the first attempt to realize a prototype of a global simulation that is to be controlled by a community of unlimited participants. Based on a scientific global world model of the mid-seventies, modified and hacked to fit our concepts, ./logicaland is a tool that facilitates people to take part in a simulation, unlike tools in the scientific field which are neither participative nor public.

logicaland - Screenshot
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awared with a Distinction at the by Prix Ars Electronica 2002 / Net Vision
in the permanet collection of HEK - House of Electronic Arts - Basel since 2016