Location aware time-lapse road-movie (2004)

video, 5 min, sound: m.ash & chris janka (guitars)
video, 18:42 h

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VIE-SOF is a time-lapse road-movie featuring an 18hour-trip from Vienna via Novi Sad (Serbia) to Sofia (Bulgaria).

This trip happened between April 29th and May 2nd during the official days of the EU "Eastern Enlargement" as an approach of mapping this territory, its "new" geopolitical landscape, its peripheral area and borderlands.

VIE SOF 18:42

The Premiere of the full version screening of the location aware road-movie "VIE-SOF" - a trip from Vienna via Novi Sad to Sofia in 18:42 hours - and a multilingual day of virtual driving through the Balkans combined with lectures, food, presentations, exhibition, music, sleep and party..

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  1. April 2006 10.00 a.m. - 30. April 2006 04.42 a.m.
    spiel:platz! - dietheater Konzerthaus, Lothringer Straße 20, 1030 Wien

in collaboration with Karin Schneider and the Institute for Research and Creation of Rites and Ceremonies


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