Pirate live broadcast in text characters via telnet (2006)

"Clearly this is what the internet was invented for!"
(The Inquirer)

The Football World Cup - LIVE ON TELNET!

"The best, most ridiculous, most redundant graphical implementation of ASCII!"

ASCII-WM - a media prank and (pirate) live broadcast of the FIFA Football World Cup 2006 from June 9th to July 9th in plain ASCII-text-characters served via Telnet. All 64 football matches was transmitted live as high-resolution stream of 80x24 characters ASCII-Art including machine-translated subtitles in a wonderful "denglisch" and the up-to-date score information.

In addition, the ASCIIfied live-remix and manipulation - of what once had been a normal Television broadcast - was finally fed back again to Television on OKTO (Vienna Community Television) for the four final matches in July 06 with a female text-to-speech voice reading the cross-translated subtitles


Truly mind boggling
(The Register)

Clearly this is what the internet was invented for!
(The Inquirer)

... the coolest ascii thing I ever saw was years back a guy wrote a video->ASCII converter and streamed the world cup in ascii via telnet to the public.
(a Reddit user)

One of my favorite projects ever was the live streaming of the football world cup 2006 to telnet, with live commentary below the game. It was actually quite viewable and I watched a few games on it while working :)
(a Hacker News user)

ASCII-WM, revolutionäres Fernsehen
(Matthias Hielscher)