Danube Panorama Project

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The Danube Panorama Project is an experimental approach in photographic mapping and cartography. Its vision is to produce a huge panorama of the Danube's river sides by digitally Slit-scanning its Coastlines, resulting in a unique 'cross section' of Europe.

The Danube - "Europe's River of Destiny" - which like nothing else is connecting Western, Central and Eastern Europe and which like nothing else reflects the inconsistent relationships of its peoples, cultures and religions by all its historic and current functions, will guide as a symbolic red line of this intense photographic survey.

The panoramic images are captured with a slit- or line-scan camera (implemented by custom software) mounted onto a moving vessel. This creates a unique representation and perspective. Additionally the material is geo-referenced via GPS, other sensors might be included in future

More Images

Installation view (13 LCD-Screens), Ars Electronica, Linz (2006)

Installation View (5 Lightboxes), Leerer Beutel, Regensburg (2006)

Installation view, Kunstraum NOE, Vienna (2008)

Recording (2006-2010)

Budpest excerpt in Black&White (2010)